• The Culture 

    Cohort is defined as “a group of people banded together.”
    The Culture Cohort has a purpose to band together business leaders to drive thoughtful and actionable discussions around how we can all take a leading role to improve the cultures in all our organizations.   

Our Purpose.

“Culture” is kind of a buzzword right now, but it is also a competitive advantage when you can understand and take action to improve. The Culture Cohort is focused on driving a different conversation, one that brings leaders from all industries, company sizes and job functions together to discuss how we can all have positive impacts on our work environments. This community’s purpose is to give leaders a place where we share our concerns, struggles and solutions with each other so we can all learn and grow.

Each of us has a part in creating and sustaining cultures that drive engagement, performance and results in our organization and The Culture Cohort is the place to find that next high impact idea.