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Creating a Culture Built on Values and Purpose

November 17th, 2020 
Join us via Zoom or Facebook Live

The Foundation of a healthy culture are strong values. Our employees need those values to stand on as they have to make tough decisions and adapt to the ever changing business climate that we are experiencing. Without the solid Values and deeper Purpose in our business we risk growing for growths sake, but not in a way that has a solid foundation that can be sustained. As business leaders, we need to understand the role that Values and Purpose play in getting the highest performance from our people each and 
every day.

Join us for this panel event to get ideas, insights and actions that you can take to help drive deeper Values throughout your organization and help each employee understand how they contribute to the greater purpose of what you are doing.

Why Join Us? 

The Culture Cohort is about IMPACT. 

The Culture Cohort is driving “real” discussions, no theory allowed. We want to be positive change agents in our organizations and in our communities. We believe that as leaders we must be constant learners. We learn from each other, from what’s worked, what hasn’t and we connect, share, learn and grow with one another.

Join us to surround yourself with leaders who want to drive change, health and growth in their organizations by thinking differently and taking action.
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