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Creating a Culture of Learning

Growth for our organizations only comes from us doing something different than we have done previously. With the rapid pace of the business environment and the change that we are all experiencing, we must create Cultures of Learning to allow our people to learn, change and adapt to drive our business growth. 

Creating a Culture of High Performance

The ROI on Culture is becoming increasingly important and studies are proving that a positive culture has a direct impact on the bottom-line results of your organization.78% of executives say culture is among the top things that add value to their company, but only 15% said their culture is where it needs to be. Join us for this panel event to discuss how to build a strong culture that can create a competitive advantage for your organization’s health and growth strategies. 

Creating a Culture of Good

There are so many factors of a healthy Culture, it can be overwhelming as leaders to know where to focus our energy. The Culture Cohort is focused on breaking down the factors to give you valuable insights and actions that you can take to improve one step at a time. In our first Culture Cohort event, we will be talking about “Creating a Culture of Good.” Join us to hear from panelists who are experts in creating “goodness” in their organizations and learn how creating a culture of good can have a huge impact on you and your organization.  
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