There are so many factors of a healthy Culture, it can be overwhelming as leaders to know where to focus our energy. The Culture Cohort is focused on breaking down the factors to give you valuable insights and actions that you can take to improve one step at a time.  In our first Culture Cohort event, we will be talking about “Creating a Culture of Good.” Join us to hear from panelists who are experts in creating “goodness” in their organizations and learn how creating a culture of good can have a huge impact on you and your organization.  

Why Join Us?

The Culture Cohort is about IMPACT. Period.

The Culture Cohort is driving “real” discussions, no theory allowed. We want to be positive change agents in our organizations and in our communities.

We believe that as leaders we must be constant learners. We learn from each other, from what’s worked, what hasn’t and we connect, share, learn and grow with one another.

Join us to surround yourself with leaders who want to drive change, health and growth in their organizations by thinking differently and taking action
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